De Addiction center

De-Addiction Centre was started by us in Sivagangai for the welfare of backward rural area people in the year 2008 and has been working since then (for the past 5 years).Financial Assistance is given to this project by the Ministry of social justice and Empowerment.

In addition to that they were given counseling to them relieve from the drug habit and their family members were also counselling to prevent them from relapse follow up visits were made. They were guided for their rehabilitation. Yoga classes were conducted in morning and evening. Religious scriptures and the works of Gandhiji and vinobaji were read. Every Friday prayer and bhajans were conducted and all of them were insisted to participate in the bajans. Special meetings were arranged periodically and explained the evils of drug addiction elaborately. They were taken to holy places for the environmental behavior and their family members were happy by this act.